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bunnies range

Image of bunnies range


Who are we?
We are the second range of bunnies especially made for little ones. We are made with brightly colour fabric and are available in pink, blue, green, yellow, red and purple.

What do you do?
We are a little bit smaller and than the first range so we can fit in the hands of toddlers.

What's so special about you?
We are Australian and custom made. You can choose a colour for us.

What are you made from?
We are made from quality cotton fabric. Our faces are sewn by hand and our bodies are stitched by machine.

What are your measurements?
We measure 26cm high and 12cm wide. Because we are custom made, sometimes these measurements slightly alter.

How can I wash you?
We prefer to be hand washed in cold water. Leave us in the shade to dry.

What's next? When you put your order through, you receive one of us. Along with the order, please mention your colour of your choice. Please mention if you want one with the same fabric as in the examples.

If you adopt us, you will be the proud owner of an Australian handmade product.